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Stronghold Food Pantry has cited more pain points for military families that exceed the need for food. Our staff has created additional resources to ensure that more needs are met. 

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Stronghold U

Stronghold U provides educational classes aimed at helping military members and their families learn from seasoned professionals about their respective industries. We have offered classes on Mastering a PCS, Financial Awareness, and Home Buying.

Bag of Groceries


Emergency grocery pickup or delivery and partnership with food pantries near military installations across the United States. Through this program, we can expand with men and women that align with our mission across all branches and potentially worldwide.  


Hunger Buster Backpack

Our Hunger Buster Packs aim to support military children in bridging the gap during scheduled school when they would normally utilize free an reduced lunch programs. These multipurpose backpacks are loaded with easy-to-cook, pop-top, healthy foods to help sustain a student-aged child through holiday breaks.

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