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Ambassador Program

“I think that what military spouses can do for the military community together is very powerful.”

Monica Bassett  


ABout the Program

A grant from the Uncommon Grit Foundation has allowed us the opportunity to expand our operations beyond Kansas and across military branches. Utilizing trusted Ambassadors, our boots-on-the-ground representatives, we can assist military families of all branches with grocery delivery and pickup services.

We are pleased to announce that Ashley Gutermuth, well-known comedian, military spouse, and 2023 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year is Stronghold’s first Ambassador. She will not only assist military families in her local area but take Stronghold on the road while she is on tour, nationally assisting military families at various installations.

Become an Ambassador

Want to follow in her footsteps to be our next Ambassador? Request more information here, and see if it fits you well! (Requirements include that no other services are currently available or are incompatible with the number of families needing support at your installation.)

Help us reach new installations and make a difference in your town!

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