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Thanksgiving MEal Giveaway with Maria Reed


She is the mastermind behind the series "Moving With The Military," where her team brings the magic of surprise home makeovers to military families.  As an active duty military spouse herself, she truly understands the ups and downs of military family life. 

As a military spouse for 20 years, she also has learned the importance of resilience, strength, and resourcefulness. Home is something we hold dear to our hearts. 

She speaks about how home has taken on an even greater significance lately, and using her creativity to impact people's lives positively is what drives her, which is why she is partnering with Stronghold Food Pantry to give away Thanksgiving Meals to a select number of military families in need!

meet maria

The application process has been closed. We will get into contact with those who have been selected.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner
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